Welcome to China (Level 3) by Caryn Jenner

By Caryn Jenner

Pictures mix with vigorous illustrations and interesting, age-appropriate tales in DK Readers, a multilevel analyzing software absolute to catch young children curiosity whereas constructing their interpreting talents and normal wisdom. Welcome to China takes readers on a whirlwind travel of the worlds greatest kingdom, its humans, its panorama, its tradition, and the way all of those are altering with the days.

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Moon cakes Friends and relatives give each other moon cakes during the Moon Festival. In ancient China, people hid messages inside these treats. 43 Modern China Modern China is constantly changing and its people are always looking toward the future. One example is the Chinese space program. In 2003, China sent its first astronaut, or taikonaut [tie-ko-naut], into space. Since then, the space program has grown. The main goal of the program is to learn more about the moon and Mars, and China hopes to one day have a permanent base on the moon.

37 Saving the pandas What has black-and-white fur and lives in China? Pandas, of course! Sadly, there are not many pandas left. They are an endangered species. ” 38 Pandas live in forests where they eat bamboo. Much of their habitat has been cleared for farming or building, which means there are now fewer pandas. Animal experts in China are working to increase the panda population. They have set up reserves in Sichuan [sech-wan] Province to protect the remaining panda habitat. They also encourage pandas to have more Bamboo babies.

Civilization The way of life of a people in a particular time and place. Climate The typical weather of a place. Communist Party The political party that governs China and appoints its leaders. 48 Congress A group of government officials that meets to discuss and decide on policies. Dynasty A series of rulers from a single family. Periods of Chinese history are often identified by the ruling dynasty. Emperor The ruler of an empire or country. Chinese emperors had complete authority over their subjects.

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