Tom Corbett, Space Cadet, Book 05, Revolt on Venus by Carey Rockwell, Willy Ley technical Adviser

By Carey Rockwell, Willy Ley technical Adviser

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Roger jerked back. Astro and Tom looked at the planter, startled by the sharpness in his voice. Sinclair smiled and explained, "We keep some experiments on different kinds of plants in there at special low temperatures. " "I'm sorry, sir," said Roger. " "Forget it," replied the planter. "Well, let's get back to the house. We're having an early dinner. " exclaimed Roger. " asked Tom. "We have to go deep into the thicket," Astro explained, using the local term for the jungle, "so that at high noon we can make camp and take a break.

The leader stepped forward, his hand on his paralo-ray gun. " Connel snorted. " "Yes. " grunted Connel. "Leader of what? " Hilmarc's voice was low and threatening. " "That would be unwise," replied Hilmarc. " Connel grinned. "I know. " He opened fire, squeezing the trigger rapidly. The first row of green-clad men were immediately frozen. Dropping to one knee, the spaceman again opened fire, and men in the second row stiffened as they tried to return the fire. "Fire! " roared Hilmarc frantically.

Connel asked. " "So far as I know, they don't. But Al Sharkey, the owner of the largest plantation on Venus, is the president of the organization. He's a very amiable fellow. " Connel made a mental note of the name. " asked Connel sharply. James held up his hand. "Don't get me wrong, Major. " The delegate suddenly became very businesslike. " He offered his hand. "So nice to see you again. " "Thank you, Mr. James," said Connel gruffly and left the office, a frown creasing his forehead. Being a straightforward person himself, Major Connel could not understand why anyone would hesitate about answering a direct question.

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