The SA 1921-45: Hitler's Stormtroopers by David Littlejohn, Ronald Volstad

By David Littlejohn, Ronald Volstad

In 1919 Adolf Hitler joined the tiny German employees' celebration (DAP) in Munich, turning into its chief the next 12 months and including 'National Socialist' to its name. hence the NSDAP, popularly referred to as the Nazi social gathering, was once born. All political events had strong-arm squads to guard their conferences from disruption by way of opponents, and the NSDAP was once no exception. In August 1921 ex-naval Lieutenant Hans Ulrich Klintzsch took command of the NSDAP's 'Defence and Propaganda Troop' which, the subsequent month, was once renamed the SA (Sturmabteilung = hurricane Detachment). David Littlejohn's tremendous textual content examines the historical past, uniforms and insignia of Hitler's stormtroopers.

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The SA 1921-45: Hitler's Stormtroopers

In 1919 Adolf Hitler joined the tiny German employees' celebration (DAP) in Munich, turning into its chief the next yr and including 'National Socialist' to its name. therefore the NSDAP, popularly often called the Nazi get together, used to be born. All political events had strong-arm squads to guard their conferences from disruption via competitors, and the NSDAP was once no exception.

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When the Sctviets occupied Ltvdw in the fall of 4939, he fled tcr I-tis home town of Krosno, where he took his chances with the German occupiers. 28. This ministry administered the German territories occupied by Poland in 1945. 29, G b s Ludu (Vcjice of the People), March 16, 1945, p, 1, Although the nonSlavic countries in Eastern Europe, Romania and Hungary, would eventually become part of the Sc)viet bloc and the Warsaw Pact, they had supplied Hitler with several divisions far the attack on the Svvicst Union in 1941.

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