The Gray Whale: Eschrichtius Robustus by Mary Lou Jones, Steven L. Swartz, Stephen Leatherwood

By Mary Lou Jones, Steven L. Swartz, Stephen Leatherwood

The grey Whale: Eschrichtius robustus offers an advent to the knowledge of Eschrichtius robustus or the grey whale. This ebook explores the lifestyles strategies, replica, and progress of enormous cetacean populations. equipped into 4 elements encompassing 25 chapters, this booklet starts off with an outline of the grey whale evolution, fossils, and subfossil is still, variety, and systematics in ancient instances. this article then provides the ancient of grey whale exploitation and the commercial significance of those whales to people. different chapters ponder the grey whale migration, abundance, and seasonal distribution within the wake of the California population's restoration from depletion. This e-book discusses to boot the tools utilized in shore-based censuses in the course of migration and in aerial surveys of grey whales taken on their iciness grounds. the ultimate bankruptcy bargains with a few leading edge ways to the learn of free-ranging cetaceans. This ebook is a precious source for anthropologists, paleontologists, biologists, and naturalists.

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