The Cellular Structure of the Mammalian Nervous System: A by Harold Hillman

By Harold Hillman

It would appear a suitable time to reassess the mobile constitution of the mammalian frightened process for the next purposes. to start with, there's massive confusion within the literature in regards to the visual appeal of the various types of neuroglia via gentle and through electron microscopy, and this can be complemented through common disagreements between amazing neuropathologists in regards to the overseas category of tumours of the significant worried approach. Secondly, there's an expanding quantity of experiments at the body structure and biochemistry of tissue cultures of neurons and other kinds of neuroglia, whose validity depends on the actual identity of either the dad or mum tissue and in addition of the cells for that reason becoming in tradition. The biochemical classifica­ tion in recent times has frequently tended to develop into self reliant of the mobile identity, which makes using the neuroglial phone names uncertain and the importance of the biochemical houses of the cells tricky to narrate to the physiological homes in vitro or in vivo (Table 1).

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7 It should be noted that no ratio exceeds 10, and that few authors distinguish the different types of neuroglia. Pevzner concludes that 'in our opinion, the existence of a strictly neuronal or glial enzyme marker is inherently unlikely'. This table is reproduced from Pevzner, L. Z. (1979) Functional Biochemistry of the Neuroglia (Consultants Bureau, New York and London), pages 51-63, by kind permission of the author and publishers 45 THE CELLULAR STRUCTURE OF THE MAMMALIAN NERVOUS SYSTEM course, de-differentiation represents the greatest difficulty for the microscopist trying to identify cells.

Another possibility is that they disintegrate due to 'osmotic shock' of hypotonic solutions, 34 METHODS OF STUDYING NEURAL STRUCTURE or due to chemical attack by other agents. Such misfortunes may not befall the mitochondria in a whole uncut neuron or neuroglial clump. 7. Apparently empty holes or vacuoles may appear, which did not exist in life. 8. Membranes may become closer or more separated. Thus, on the one hand one may see loss during preparation of some free mitochondria or granules which were present in the living tissue.

It is not known whether they can generate action potentials, since - to the author's knowledge - no systematic effort has yet been made so far to elicit them. It would be a very worthwhile project upon which to embark, since demonstration of the excitability of these cells would help to justify the very extensive biological studies already carried out on these cells, as well as the technique of isolation. 27 THE CELLULAR STRUCTURE OF THE MAMMALIAN NERVOUS SYSTEM FIGURE 14 Professor Holger Hyden of Goteborg, modern pioneer of separation by hand of mammalian neurons.

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