Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience by Yi-Fu Tuan

By Yi-Fu Tuan

A learn of the ways that humans consider and look at house, how they shape attachments to domestic, local, and state, and the way emotions approximately house and position are suffering from the feel of time.“Since it's the breadth and universality of his argument that matters Yi-Fu Tuan, event is outlined as ‘all the modes in which an individual understands and constructs reality,’ and examples are considering equivalent ease from non-literate cultures, from historic and smooth oriental and western civilizations, from novels, poetry, anthropology, psychology, and theology. the result's a striking synthesis, which displays good the subtleties of expertise and but avoids the pitfalls of arbitrary class and facile generalization. For those purposes, and for its normal tone and erudition and humanism, this e-book would certainly be person who will suffer while the present flurry of educational curiosity in environmental event abates.” Canadian Geographer

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22 "Separation" is another type of evidence that hints at the child's inability to depict, or simply indifference to, the spatial relations among objects. 23 Errors of this kind suggest that the young child is more concerned with things themselves—the water in the tube, the cowboy, and the horse, than with their precise spatial relations. Parents know how easily their young offspring get lost in an unfamiliar environment. Adults have acquired the habit of taking mental note of where things are and of how to go from one place to another.

I have locked my keys inside the car" tells where the keys are but it is also an anguished cry. 26 Folk measures of length are derived from parts of the body. Widely used are the breadth or length of finger or thumb; the span either from thumb to the tip of the little finger or to the tip of the forefinger; from the top of the middle finger to elbow (cubit), or over outstretched arms from finger tip to finger tip (fathom). Man-made objects in common use serve as ready measures of length, for example, the rod used to prod oxen, a spear, and customary segments of cord or chain.

Viewing aerial scenes on television and playing with simple constructional toys may have helped this progressive trend. 26 It is easier for both the child and the adult to imagine how a pilot in his airplane sees the landscape than how a farmer on the opposite side of the hill sees it. We more readily assume a God-like position, looking at the earth from above, than from the perspective of another mortal living on the same level as ourselves. Moreover comprehension of environment suffers less after a 90-degree rotation of perspective from the horizontal than after a rotation of 40 to 50 degrees.

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