Saucy Shorts for Chefs (S.S. Charity S.) by Loosmore

By Loosmore

Brief tales with a foodie topic

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Saucy Shorts for Chefs (S.S. Charity S.)

Brief tales with a foodie topic

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He wondered if it was his mother’s influence, maybe they felt he understood women. Jilly, some years older than Gideon, didn’t flirt; he liked her serious attitude to life. She worked in an office in the high street but would come in during her lunch hour to choose books. She liked reading fiction but often went to the reference section too, if she wanted to look something up in an atlas or find out the name of a flower she’d seen. She wanted Gideon to serve her even though he was not a trained librarian and the other members of staff knew much more than he did.

November 21st Must make the Christmas pudding but my heart’s not in it. According to FF, it’s lettuce and low fat yoghurt for me this yuletide. Wonder if I can substitute Slimma margarine for suet. Must ask Nigel. Gerry is still dropping hints about going Italian this year. I suppose I could use panettone breadcrumbs in the pudding but I draw the line at stuffing the bird with pesto. December 1st Nigel phoned. So masterful. He says there’s no such thing as a low fat Christmas. He’s given me a list of ingredients for the next course.

His previously red cheeks were now chalk-white. an unusual name,” he said faintly. “Isn’t it? I was given my mother’s surname, I’m pleased to say. Wouldn’t have wanted to be associated with his. Mind you, I’ve often thought of trying to find him. I got the impression he wasn’t short of money. ” I narrowed my eyes. “Yes, maybe I will do that. Probably get quite a bit out of him. ” The effect this had on the man was quite a revelation. His mouth dropped open and he literally squirmed in front of me.

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