Rogue Wizard 03 - A Wizard In Absentia by Christopher Stasheff

By Christopher Stasheff

Bored with status within the shadow of his parents--the such a lot robust sorcerers at the planet--Magnus Gallowglass units out on his personal event around the galaxy.

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Just before the ship shrank from sight, Magnus murmured, "Farewell, companion of my youth. " "You may be sure of that, Magnus," Fess answered. " Then he was gone, and Magnus was staring at the screen, not at all sure he liked that last remark. " But Magnus was developing a nasty conjecture of his own. " Magnus braced himself. " Magnus's heart sank. " Fess had been right-he would always be with Magnus. "Well, it is good to have reminders of home," Magnus sighed. " "Of course, Magnus. " "That, of course," Magnus said, "but I was more concerned with family history.

But you will pardon me for suggesting that your cousin Robert might be willing to be the staff upon which you might lean. " Now it was Pelisse who froze. Matilda lifted her gaze slowly, seeking out Robert. He braced himself visibly, and bore up under her scrutiny. "So that is the way of it," Matilda murmured. "All the time, and right beneath my nose, too. " "But you don't approve of Robert," Pelisse mumbled. "As a liaison? Certainly not; he's far too wild. But as a husband? Well, when he has settled down-who can tell?

The control room is straight ahead," Herkimer informed him. Magnus nodded; he had surmised as much, from the blunt ending of the corridor inside the airlock. He paced forward a dozen steps and found himself looking through an open doorway into the bridge. To his right was a drop shaft; to his left. . " "A bunkroom, for those occasions when you wish to sleep near the bridge," Herkimer answered. " Magnus could just bet there was. Judging from his guest quarters in Castle d'Armand, it was going to be such a swamp of luxury that he'd probably prefer the bunkroom permanently.

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