New Millennium Magic: A Complete System of Self-Realization by Donald Tyson

By Donald Tyson

By utilizing the common rules defined, you could tailor a method of magic in your personal history and ideology. The booklet clarifies the numerous questions that confront the budding magician in a very smooth means, whereas keeping conventional and prevalent symbolism and formulae. initially released below the identify. the recent Magus in 1987, this re-creation incorporates a wealth of fabric now not integrated within the unique.

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New Millennium Magic: A Complete System of Self-Realization

By utilizing the common ideas defined, you could tailor a approach of magic on your personal historical past and ideology. The publication clarifies the numerous questions that confront the budding magician in a very smooth method, whereas protecting conventional and general symbolism and formulae. initially released lower than the name.

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For if a thing has no size, no weight, no time or place, then it is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously. At once it is immense and minuscule and both and neither of these conceived extremes. The ancient Hebrews also grasped the great truth that God cannot be conceived. Any form the mind attempts to impose on the Unmanifest is inapt and at once becomes sacrilegious, as it degrades the highest intuition of the nature of God. Other ancient races perceived this dimly, but they allowed the truth to slip away in their hunger for a deity they could understand in human terms.

Over the past five hundred years the universe has changed. Natural understanding has grown, while spiritual wisdom has all but disappeared. New Millennium Magic is an attempt to make this ancient art accessible to intelligent modern readers without asking them to compromise either their understanding or their reason. The higher purpose of New Millennium Magic could not be expressed more clearly than by the words Agrippa used in the opening chapter of his work to describe the function of magic: Seeing there is a threefold world, elementary, celestial, and intellectual, and every inferior is governed by its superior, and receiveth the influence of the virtues thereof, so that the very original, and Chief Worker of all doth by angels, the heavens, stars, elements, animals, plants, metals, and stones convey from himself the virtues of his omnipotency upon us, for whose service he made, and created all these things; wise men conceive it no way irrational that it should be possible for us to ascend by the same degrees through each world to the same very original world itself, the Maker of all things, and First Cause, from whence all things are, and proceed; and also to enjoy not only these virtues, which are in the more excellent kind of things, but also besides these, to draw new virtues from above.

On one side of the dividing plane is the universe of forms called the cosmos, the realm of motion and light. It comprises not only the everyday world of the five senses but also the infinite number of polarities that spring from manifest being-hot and cold, day and night, good and evil. Whenever a thing is perceived as independent or unique, it falls onto the side of the division that is the manifest universe. Cosmos is larger than the scientific universe of galactic clusters and subatomic particles because, in addition to time and space, it contains non-corporeal forms such as dreams and gods.

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