Life on a Cattle Farm (Life on a Farm) by Judy Wolfman

By Judy Wolfman

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Cows: female cattle. ) cud: food that cattle bring up from the stomach to chew a second time heat: the time when a female animal can become pregnant heifers: young female cattle that have not given birth 46 umbilical cord: the lifeline that connects a mother and baby while the baby grows inside the mother wean: to separate a young animal from its mother so that it will begin to eat solid food Index barns, 26–28 beef cattle: birth of calves, 12–15; breeding, 10; calves, 10, 12–23; diseases, 18–19, 29–31; feeding, 24–26; fun facts, 44; life span, 20; selling cattle, 38, 40–41; size, 10, 14, 36, 44; uses, 44; weaning calves, 36–37 birth of calves, 12–15 breeding, 10 bull, 10 bumping, 11 hay, 24, 28, 33–34 heat, 10 heifers, 38 Hereford cattle, 8–9, 45 machines, 28, 33–34 manure, 28 mucus, 13 newborn calves, 12–15 numbering calves, 16–17 nursing calves, 13, 19–20, 36 Operation Fly Control, 29, 31 tattoos, 16–17 Texas longhorn, 44 pinkeye, 29–30 polled cattle, 8 pregnant cattle, 11, 24 umbilical cord, 15, 19 uses of cattle, 6, 44 veterinarian, 38 scours, 18–19 selling cattle, 38, 40–41 shots, 11, 30 size, 10, 14, 23, 36, 44 steer, 38–39 Watusi, 45 weaning, 36–37 calves, 10, 12–23, 36–37 colostrum, 19 communication, 20–21 cows (female cattle), 10, 12, 19–20, 24 cud, 25 dairy cattle, 6 diseases, 18–19, 29–31 feeding cattle, 24–25 fences, 32 flies, 29–31 47 About the Author Judy Wolfman is a writer and professional storyteller who presents workshops on creativity and storytelling.

It sounds like a bunch of vans are roaring through the barn. But the calves like the feed we give them, and they calm down before long. 37 Dr. Marshall, our veterinarian, brings medical supplies with him in his truck. That way, the cattle don’t have to leave the farm until they’re sold. Once the cattle are weaned, we can start getting ready to sell them. The females who haven’t had calves yet are called heifers. Sometimes we keep a heifer to replace a cow that’s gotten old or sick. But we sell most of them.

I don’t mind most of the hard work, like fixing fences and baling hay. Even cleaning out the smelly barn isn’t so bad. I like spend­ ing time with the animals and taking care of them. I like looking out my win­ dow and seeing the pasture and the cows. I like driving the tractor. I’m not sure about what I’ll do in the future, but it’s hard to think of anything better than staying right here on our farm. 43 Facts Cattle Fun about In the Hindu religion, the cow is a sacred animal. Hindus do not eat beef, and Hindu law forbids the harming of cattle.

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