It's Your Call: Prince of Persia: To Right a Wrong by Carla Jablonski

By Carla Jablonski

Will Prince Dastan cease an evil ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that can ruin the area? Or will he be tricked into unleashing the Sands of Time himself and in doing so spoil his own country? It’s as much as YOU, the reader, to take advantage of the Dagger of Time to avoid wasting the realm!

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You notice ancient writings on the walls. “This must have been from an earlier time,” you observe. ” “But someone ate that pheasant not so long ago,” you point out. ” Suddenly you signal for Yusef to stop. There are voices up ahead, around the corner. TURN TO PAGE 112 BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE Can it be true? Can King Sharaman, the man you called father, who called you son, be so angry because you are the one who survived? His adopted son and not those of his blood? “Perhaps we can make things right,” Nizam says.

A crack in the seemingly solid rock face that rims the village. Yes! You found it! The secret entrance to the Guardian Temple. GO TO PAGE 124 BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE That’s strange, you think. Why would there be sand in a dagger? Even stranger—images appear around you. The fight you just had with the woman rewinds in front of your eyes. “I don’t believe this,” she says. Just as she did a minute ago! You hold up the Dagger. ” you sputter. ” she shrieks. But her injured ankle prevents her from getting to you.

You run at the charging horse and at the last possible moment, leap straight up. You kick your legs so you can move from wall to wall, then you pull the surprised warrior off the back of his horse. You both land hard on the ground. He whirls around, slashing at you with the scimitar. You meet him with your sword and the clanging of steel against steel echoes off the walls. He is a graceful, powerful opponent. You use every skill you have to keep him at bay. One of your thrusts cuts an embroidered cloth bundle from the man’s belt.

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