Indian culture in the days of the Buddha, by A.P. de ZOYSA

By A.P. de ZOYSA

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DIia_pada JI,'labIM-VitJikhi G~t1la-MBhi Kappinll 2. 7'km 4. sulla Yi"ilaA:/lJiil/lka MayAaka Jiilab Yillaya-lIJahangga VI 6. 8. 10. 12. h men. hem and went out of Vesiili to visit tbe Buddha. hey miglJt play their music 011 tho journey. fthe chariot containcd the owncr or the chief rider, tho Hluflicinns flat in tho front. llllrw;sc t1H~ musicians snt IJcllind MIC cllrrillge. Whon gnosts were cxpected the host weut to meet Rnd accompany them home. If 116 wont in a chariot he would stop it and walk It short distance to greet his gllellls.!

If UllY one uses them for food, they are expelled beyond the walls of the tOWI1. S food. Fisll' muttoll, gazelle and deer they eat gellerally fresh, somelilJle8 salted; they nre forbidden to eat the flesh of the ox, the llSS, the elephant, the horse, the pig, the dog, the fox, the wolf, the lion, the monkey, llnd all the hairy kind. Those who eat them are despised and seomed, and are tlJliverslLlly reprimanded; they live outside the walls, and are seldom seell among mell. With respect to the different kinds of wine and liquors, there arc vllrious sorts.

S Some of these merry-makings took plnce at night. In Benarl'S n festival known 88 the night fe6tival of Kattika was held. \8 decoratl'd and all the people kept holiday. They put on their best attire on tlte occasion. 4 At these various festivities there was dallcinK, singing and reciting fi and even dramatic performances. e listened to oratiolls, debates, sermons, musical contests, or witnessed wrestling and sports. It WIIS a popular intellectunl entertainment to listen to an addreR8 by an able speaker or to a debnw between two well-knowJl sages.

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