Geometric Group Theory: Proceedings of a Special Research by Ruth Charney, Michael Davis

By Ruth Charney, Michael Davis

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8S-The Mitre Fallacy. Suppose that a rectangle is capable of being cut into two pieces, in the stepwise manner previously described, which can then be re-arranged to form a square. Suppose that the staircase cut contains thirteen steps in one direction and twelve in the other. What is the ratio of the width of the rectangle to its depth? 90. THE ODIC FORCE. " Through researches covering the whole period from the cabala of ancient Egyptian astrology to the lexicon of the Twentieth Century crossword puzzle, I am at last able to reveal the precise nature of this force.

Any dependents? No? 00. Your tax is 19% of the taxable net income. I'll work it out for you . . " "Gee," remarked Johnny. "Isn't that funny! The tax is just 10% of what the company paid me. " "No, indeed," laughed Mr. Thompson. " What was the amount of Johnny's tax? 54. SPENDING A QUARTER. I purchased some drawing supplies, spending 25 cents for 25 articles. I bought four kinds of articles: paper at two sheets for a cent, pens at a cent apiece, pencils at two for a nickel, and erasers at a nickel each.

Bisect AE in F. With F as center and FE as radius strike an arc intersecting BD in G. Then BG is the side of the equivalent square. Connect AG and cut on this line. On AC measure AH equal to GD. Through H draw a line parallel to CD, and cut on this line. 40 DISSECTION OF PLANE FIGURES 41 Slide the triangular piece ABG downward to the rignt until G lies on CD extended. Then transfer the smaller triangle so that AH coincides with GD. The square thus formed is shown on the right. 83. NOW REVERSE IT.

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