From Galileo to Lorentz... And Beyond by Joseph Lévy

By Joseph Lévy

Assuming the life of a basic aether body and the anisotropy of the one-way velocity of sunshine within the Earth body, evidence supported via theoretical arguments and again and again proven at the present time by means of test, J. Levy derives a suite of space-time alterations which are extra normal than the Lorentz-Poincaré differences. the consequences for primary physics are proven to be far-reaching.

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Chapter 6 Arguments in Favour of Lorentz-Fitzgerald Contraction Introduction Since the early days of relativity theory, Lorentz-Fitzgerald contraction has been the focus of a debate which is still lively today, and divides physicists into opposing camps. Some—such as Wesley,31 Phipps,33 Cornille,34 Galeczki35—regard length contraction as a naïve conjecture. 30 Length contraction was originally proposed by Lorentz and Fitzgerald in order to explain the null result of the Michelson experiment. ) Length contraction has never been observed: of course, it cannot be demonstrated by an observer of the moving frame, since the standard used to measure it also contracts.

Average two-way speed of light But this is not all. We will now demonstrate that length contraction implies the independence of the ‘apparent’ average two-way speed of light from any direction in space and from the speed v. The demonstration is based on Builder and Prokhovnik’s22 studies, whose importance is indisputable. 52 Joseph Lévy However, as we will see, some of the conclusions drawn by Prokhovnik were questionable and could not enable us to demonstrate that this ‘apparent’ velocity is equal to C in any direction of space.

The conventional belief is that vr is not dependent on v0. ) But this apparent obstacle is due to erroneous suppositions. Actually, the relationship V = v0 + vr < C imposes a limit on vr such that vr < C − v0 , and consequently, vapp < C − v0 . 1 − v02 C 2 So, contrary to conventional belief, the law m = m0γ is not incompatible with the Galilean law of composition of velocities. Inertial transformations in the general case We will now derive the inertial transformations connecting two inertial frames S1 and S2 moving with respect to the aether frame S0 at speeds v01 and v02 along the x0-axis (Figure 10).

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