Franks, Moravians, and Magyars: The Struggle for the Middle by Charles R. Bowlus

By Charles R. Bowlus

Franks, Moravians, and Magyars The fight for the center Danube, 788-907 Charles R. Bowlus Assembles facts from Frankish, Moravian, and Byzantine files; from archaeological unearths; and info of the terrain to buttress the view that the heart of the Slavic Moravian empire used to be in what's now Serbia, a lot farther southeast than is mostly inspiration. This interpretation explains how the Franks controlled differently inexplicable army successes opposed to the Moravians. Charles R. Bowlus is Emeritus Professor of heritage on the collage of Arkansas, Little Rock. the center a long time sequence 1995 | 384 pages | 6 1/8 x nine 1/4 | 12 illus. global Rights | heritage

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Later he extended his control over large parts of the central Danubian basin, and, in 890, Bohemia and modern Moravia (both now in the Czech Republic) came briefly under his control. According to Boba, it is important to note, Zwentibald's conquests were accomplished by expanding his power from the south. During these decades Zwentibald's realm became ecclesiastically independent of Franks and Byzantines alike. His victory forced the Franks to make peace and to release (at papal insistence) Methodius, whom they held in captivity in a Swabian monastery.

And, of course, I must mention Imre Boba, who wrote that "appalling" book that got me into controversies that I did neither seek nor want. Although I have cursed the name of Imre Boba many times over the past twenty years, we have become friends. He forced me to return to the sources of ninth-century history and to reexamine every assumption upon which modern historical constructs have been based. Last but not least, I would like to thank my family. My long-suffering children not only endured endless discussions of Franks, Moravians, and Magyars at supper time, but they also made numerous contributions to these topics.

A good friend in Germany, Gerhard Böttcher of the Bavarian Youth Council, generously allowed me to fax messages from Munich to the University of Pennsylvania Press during the final stages of the preparation of this book. Of course, I realize that there are many colleagues who disagree with the main arguments in this book. Let me say that I have come to my conclusions honestly, as I am sure they have. Scholarship is often the beneficiary of heated controversy, and in this spirit, I would like to thank Professor Dr.

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