Factors of Soil Formation: A System of Quantitative Pedology by Hans Jenny

By Hans Jenny

Essentially the most influential works via a global authority on soils and their formation. This complicated treatise on theoretical soil technological know-how, lengthy thought of a masterpiece of clinical technique deals pedologists, geologists and geophysicists either an in depth dialogue of the character of the earth’s terrestrial surroundings, and a mode of subdividing and learning it. 1941 variation.

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This definition is strictly morphological and may be applied directly in the field. Among students of soils, one frequently encounters a second definition that is enjoying increasing popularity. " In this case, emphasis is not placed on profile descriptions but on soil-forming processes. More specifically, the concept has some bearing on the factor time in soil development. It alludes to the familiar equilibrium idea employed by chemists and physicists. It will prove profitable to analyze the equilibrium concept of soil maturity in the light of time functions.

According to the regional concept of soil formation, all parent materials within a given environment should produce soils that ultimately possess similar morphological features. However, the speed with which the soil climax is reached varies enormously with the constitution of the soil matrix, particularly with its capacity for water percolation. If, for example, a sandy deposit and a silty sediment are placed in a podsol environment and inspected after a given interval of time, say 10,000 years, the former is likely to show a well-developed ortstein layer, whereas the latter may show only weak podsolization.

In those localities, the two rocks are, strictly speaking, not identical, because they differ, among other things, in temperature, which affects some of their properties, such as the refractive indexes of the mineral components. To overcome this shortcoming, we shall introduce an extension of Eq. , normal temperature and pressure). Thus, the two granites mentioned above become identical if referred to the arbitrarily chosen temperature of 18°C. Parent material so defined will be designated as p.

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