Excimer Lasers by P. W. Hoff, C. K. Rhodes (auth.), Dr. Charles K. Rhodes

By P. W. Hoff, C. K. Rhodes (auth.), Dr. Charles K. Rhodes (eds.)

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This also suggests that the pseudo-potential model is inapplicable to the excited states as well. The likely effect of the excited configurations on both the ground and excited states can be gauged from the rather large bond energies determined for positive ions like XeF + or a molecule such as AgCu. The zII state that correlates with Hge P) + N ae S) will be substantially bound and likely to mix with the zII arising from Hg(lS) + Nae P). 5 eV and also significantly perturb states arising from most of Rydberg asymptotes.

F. Bender, N. W. Winter: 32nd Syrnp. on Mol. Schaefer,III: 1 Am. Chern. Soc. Patterson: J. Chern. Phys. Whitten: Chern. Phys. Lett. Conway: 1 Chern. Phys. Helrn: Phys. Rev. George: Appl. Phys. Lett. Brochu: Appl. Phys. Lett. Mies: Mol. Phys. Present: J. Chern. Phys. Mies: J. Chern. Phys. 48, 482 (1968) A. Jablonski : Phys. Rev. Mulliken: J. Chern. Phys. Julienne: IEEE 1. Quantum Electron. Golde: J. Mol. Spectrosc. 58, 261 (1975) 1 Tellinghuisen: Chern. Phys. Lett. 29, 359 (1974) 3. The Rare Gas Excimers M.

87] but the analysis of Mg z found that configurations arising from the 3 P + 3 P asymptote are strongly bound and determine binding in states like the 211:: excited state. The Znz calculation also found strongly bound 31:; and 1 Llg states that correlate with the 3 P + 3 P asymptote. For the Group IIa atoms, Ca, Sr, Ba, and Rn, the 3D and 1 D levels interpose between the 3 P and 1 P excited states and further complicate the molecular energy curve structure. Very little is known about the heteromolecules such as HgCd.

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