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Ce livre fait le aspect sur les différents problems : insomnie, hypersomnie, problems du rythme circadien, parasomnie, après avoir rappelé en détail les points neurobiologiques et physiologiques du sommeil common chez l'enfant,l'adulte et le sujet âgé et exposé les différentes méthode d'exploration. Enfin, le dernier chapitre fait le lien entre les issues du sommeil et les différentes spécialités médicales : neurologie, cardiologie, pneumologie, pédiatrie, psychiatrie, infectiologie, ORL, rhumatologie, immunologie.

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Sa Vie et son oeuvre, threw him 'en carroux' (into a rage),13 while across the seas in Massachussetts his friend Emerson received such visits graciously. Neither man, however, admired a tongue-wagging conviviality, their letters to one another being important because they occasionally breach this rule. The English were good at silence; the French were bad at it. Rousseau gets his knuckles rapped in Heroes for simply rabbiting on too much. Cromwell, by contrast, blessed like the other 42 Proust and the VICtorians English with 'un grand talent pour le silence', made inept speeches in Parliament, but otherwise maintained a taciturn Huntingdonshire peace.

Just look and see what Carlyle has to say. ' Jean, who for some time had been languishing in a state of the most thoroughgoing intellectual prostration, at the name of Carlyle suddenly felt his ideas begin to flow again as if he had just received a stimulating infusion of coffee, and evinced a sudden sharp movement of sympathy for M. Duroc as if for a stranger whom one has heard mention that he knows someone whom one loves and reveres. US, I, 282) The Lamp of Heroism 35 In desperation Jean attempts to retrieve the situation by countering with Baudelaire, who failed his licence-ts-lettres.

This something is at that moment incarnate in his words which at the same moment deeply disturb us. And just as there is no fragment of our being, however mediocre and despicable it might be, that is unmingled with that measure of greatness with which each of us is endowed so, at the very moment when he towers over the Socrates who will perish on the morrow, it is this Socrates he remains, retaining all the old habits of reasoning of which, we realize, he can by no means rid himself: in the same way as one acknowledges, from certain characteristic gestures, certain professional quirks, that even in the most tragic of circumstances the blacksmith can never shake off the blacksmith.

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