Enriched Composition and Inference in the Argument Structure by Ren Zhang

By Ren Zhang

As with many different languages, Mandarin chinese language shows a wealthy number of methods in expressing the arguments of the predicator in a sentence. not like different languages, such version is usually without any formal marking. prior makes an attempt in explaining such phenomena often concentrate on the syntax as an explanatory device. This e-book argues that a huge majority of such argument constitution phenomena are greater accounted for by way of recourse to enriched representations in lexical semantics. Drawing insights from conceptual semantics, cognitive semantics, Generative Lexicon, development grammar and formal syntax, this e-book constitutes the 1st test at a complete account of lexical semantic matters in Mandarin chinese language.

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I will discuss this issue further in the particular analyses in the rest of the dissertation and will attempt to make specific proposals. In this connection, work in the framework of Generative Lexicon, particularly its innovations such as qualia structure, dot object, coercion and other operations, will serve as a useful basis. I focus on the unification of LCS’s with generic conceptual patterns under the assumption of enriched composition. Throughout the thesis, it will be shown that “simple composition” plus an abstract syntax to deal with syntax-semantics mismatches is not an adequate methodology to deal with the full range of data, aside from its possible ontological and psycholinguistic defects (see Chapter 1 for the priority of semantic solutions).

Summary The grammatical knowledge of a language is a structured inventory of varieties of generic grammatical patterns or archetypes (l-rules), plus more specific sorts of lexical items, all stored in the lexicon in the same format. These stored items, called constructions, are linked to each other through inheritance hierarchies, which capture linguistic generalizations in an economical fashion. A fully specified construction is a three-way correspondence between conceptual structure, syntactic structure and phonological structure.

This is an interesting alternative to the parameter-based conception of UG, which has been subject to criticisms on both internal and external grounds in recent works (Elman et al. 1996; Tomasello 2000, Deacon 1997, Culicover 1999; Ackerman and Webelhuth 1998). The external grounds hinge on the plausibility of an extremely elaborate and fine-tuned UG, while the internal grounds concern micro-parameters as universal possibilities (cf. Green 2000). 3. 2 argues for a view of the grammar as consisting of an inventory of “full” and “defective” constructions.

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