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South Asia (Modern World Cultures)

This new sequence places humans on this planet geographic panorama, displaying scholars how individuals are suffering from and reply to, monetary, social, and political forces on the worldwide and the neighborhood scale.

Walking on water and other stories

Jogging on Water gathers jointly an enticing and compellingcollection of brief tales by means of 24 of the numerous proficient writers to havegraduated from The college of Alabama's software in inventive Writingover the previous two decades. Editor Allen Wier, who taught fiction writingat Alabama from 1980 to 1994, bargains us during this get together of writinga number of fictional voices that characterize extensively differingsensibilities and visions.

Introducing North America

What percentage nations are in North the US? the place do bald eagles dwell? What language is spoken in Mexico? This ebook solutions those questions and extra because it introduces younger readers to the continent of North the United States via age-appropriate maps, enticing pictures, and straightforward textual content. issues lined in the ebook comprise the place the continent is, weather, geography, animals and crops, international locations, humans and languages, traditional assets, towns, and well-known locations.

Believing in Books. The Story of Lillian Smith

Have you learn a publication that you just could not positioned down? Has that ebook taken you to different international locations, to different centuries? have you ever chanced on your self brimming with pleasure, exclaiming to all who will hear, "Read this publication! " This biography is the tale of a kid who took her love of kids' books and located how to percentage it with the realm as she grew up.

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She lives in the wood. " thought the wolf, and he looked hungrily at Red Riding-Hood. "She will be more tasty than the old woman. " He would have eaten Red Riding-Hood at once, but he could hear the sound of an axe nearby. That meant that there were men not far away, and he did not want to be caught. So the wolf walked along with Red Riding-Hood for a while. Then he said: "Look at the pretty flowers, Red Riding-Hood! Why don't you gather some flowers for your grandmother? " "What a good idea!

Good morning, Grandmother," she cried. But she received no answer. Then she went up to the bed and drew the curtains back. There lay her grandmother, but she had pulled her nightcap over her face, and she looked very strange. " said Red Riding-Hood. "The better to hear you with, my dear," said the wolf. " With these 1 2 1 drew the curtains ['ka:tnz] — задёрнул занавески (около кро­ вати) everything seemed so strange — всё показалось таким нео­ бычным 2 words, the wicked wolf jumped out of bed and swallowed poor little Red Riding-Hood.

Did they all go into the cave, or did Foxy-woxy go in first? 9) How did Henny-penny know something was wrong? 10) What did she do? Ш Working with Vocabulary and Grammar 1 a) Match the words in two columns to make phrases. to pick up to tell to go to show to follow to bit off to throw the right way the body Foxy-woxy the King the wrong way corn the head b) Use these phrases in sentences and describe the events in the fairy-tale. Fill in the missing prepositions. 1) One day Hennyrpenny was picking up corn the farmyard.

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