England and its Aesthetes: Biography and Taste by John; Pater, Walter; Stokes, Adrian; Carrier, David

By John; Pater, Walter; Stokes, Adrian; Carrier, David Ruskin

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The carver, Quattro Cento (1931) argues, creates an open space free of all menaces like those Stokes found in London parks. In the writings published after the two autobiographical volumes, he gives sustained attention to the modeling tradition, showing how his personal development dramatically transformed his aesthetic. Stokes's great strength is his capacity to reveal and use, in ultimately simple ways, his fantasy life. " 30 The fear he had in youth of the hidden places he feared in London parks-which later experience enabled him to see-was, for him, associated with the feminine.

But Rouen, Geneva, and Pisa have been tutresses of all I know, and were mistresses of all I did, from the first moments I entered their gates. In this journey of 1835 I first saw Rouen and Venice-Pisa not tilll840; nor could I understand the full power of any of those great scenes till much later. But for Abbeville, which is the preface and interpretation of Roueu, I was ready on that 5th ofJune, and felt that here was entrance for me into immediately healthy labor and joy. For here I saw that art (of its local kind), religion, and present human life, were yet in perfect harmony.

Gates of the hills;" opening for me to a new life-to cease no more, except at the Gates of the Hills whence one returns not. "* How much it meant to all of us,-how much prophesied to me, no modern traveller could the least conceive, if I spent days in trying to tell him. A sort of triumphant shriek-like all the railway whistles going off at once at ClaphamJunction-has gone up from the Fooldom of Europe at the destruction of the myth of William Tell. To us, every word of it was true-but mythically luminous with more than mortal truth; and here, under the black woods, glowed the visible, beautiful, tangible testimony to it in the purple larch timber, carved to exquisiteness by the joy of peasant life, continuous, motionless there in the pine shadow on its ancestral turf,-unassailed and unassailing, in the blessedness of righteous poverty, of religious peace.

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