Engineering Analysis with COSMOSWorks 2005 by Paul M. Kurowski

By Paul M. Kurowski

It really is nearly as though writer threw this ebook jointly. It doesn't in actual fact clarify every little thing because it may still. a few difficulties defined the way to paintings a problem..but it became out to be thoroughly flawed.

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614 xl0' 4 slug/12/in. 3 Figure 1-14: Mass densities of aluminum in the three systems of units Comparison of numerical values of mass densities of aluminum defined in the SI system of units with the system of units derivedfrom SI, and with the English (IPS) system of units. 20 Engineering Analysis with COSMOSWorks Using on-line help COSMOSWorks features very extensive on-line Help and Tutorial functions, which can be accessed from the Help menu in the main COSMOSWorks tool bar (figure 1-15). ,, f' <• SolidWorks Help Topics Quick Tips COSMOSWorks QuickTips SolidWorks API and Add-Ins Help Topics Moving from AutoCAD Introducing SoiidWorks Online Tutorial What's New Manual Interactive What's U&M Service Packs,,, SolidWorks Release Notes About.

All of these plots are created and modified in the same way. Sample results are shown in: • Figure 2-25 (displacement) • Figure 2-26 (strain) • Figure 2-27 (deformation) 47 Finite Element Analysis with COSMOSWorks URES (mm) Figure 2-25: Displacement results using Continuous fringe options Also try Discrete fringe option selectable in Settings from plot pop up menu. This plot shows the deformed shape in an exaggerated scale. from undeformed to deformed and modify the scale of deformation in the Displacement Plot window activated by right-click plot icon, Edit Definition.

Note that repetitive analysis with different meshes does not represent standard practice in FEA. We will repeat the analysis using different meshes only as a learning tool to gain more insight into how FEA works. 25 Finite Element Analysis with COSMOSWorks Procedure In SolidWorks, open the model file called HOLLOW PLATE. Verify that COSMOSWorks is selected in the Add-lns list. To start COSMOSWorks, select the COSMOSWorks Manager tab, as shown in figure 2-2. dll Figure 2-2: Add-lns list and COSMOSWorks Manager tab Verify that COSMOSWorks is selected in the list of Add-lns (left), and then select the COSMOSWorks Manager tab (right).

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