Encyclopedia of World Cultures, south_asia by Paul Hockings

By Paul Hockings

In the same vein to instructions for an Open physique, Kenneth J. Harvey's first ebook of brief tales, this new assortment explores an exciting variety of sincere and excessive human longings. Eloquent, heartbreaking and annoying, this assortment brings wounded attractiveness, bittersweet humour and average tragedy to gentle. those twenty tales delve into the unusual intimacies that signify love, hate, and desperation, attentively, hungrily, and with eyes open extensive.

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Despite his interest in creating peaceful and beautiful cities for his people, his interest in military success was unabashedly strong. In another inscription, Tiglath-Pileser declared: “Lands, mountains, cities, and princes I have conquered and brought under my yoke. I fought sixty kings and established my invincible power over them. ” 21 Despite the fierceness Tiglath-Pileser displayed and the terror he instilled, the Assyrian monarch did not prove to be an able administrator. Although he managed to keep the conquered peoples in check during his lifetime, there was no love lost between the vanquished and their Assyrian overlords.

For instance, because they knew they could dig just a few feet before finding water, beliefs, myths, and theories related to the nature of Earth were soon recorded. Sumerians believed that since water was so close to the surface, the earth was simply a large disk floating on the sea, or Nammu. From the eternal Nammu came fish, birds, and any animals they saw in the marshlands. Because they viewed Nammu as a god, in their view of creation, water was the source of all life. Considering their location in the arid land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and their dependence upon those rivers for life, this creation view, which denotes the importance of water, mirrors their experience in Mesopotamia.

THE PERSIANS AND THE GREEKS Throughout Nebuchadnezzar’s reign, Babylon maintained its sovereignty and supremacy in the region. , however, Persian forces, led by Cyrus the Great, conquered the city. Surprisingly, Babylon retained its role as a cultural and trade center. The city was still reasonably affluent when invading Greeks arrived with Alexander the Great two centuries later. Alexander’s father Philip was king of Macedon and had united Greece during his reign. Following Philip’s death, the young Alexander conquered much of the ancient Near East, including the Persian Empire.

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