Dictionary of Natural Resource Management by Julian A Dunster

By Julian A Dunster

An interdisciplinary and complete connection with traditional source administration terminology, containing a few 6,000 entries. every one access offers a concise definition, shows a number of meanings, and cross-referenced for comprehensiveness.

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Air temperature or air pollution). The term has no positive or negative connotation. AMBROSIA BEETLES Small, usually cylindrical, beetles in the family Platypodidae and some genera of the Scolytidae and Lymexylidae. The adults bore into moist wood, typically living; unhealthy, dying, or damaged trees; or green timber, inoculating it with an ambrosia fungus on which they and their larvae feed. The tunnels, the walls of which are often darkly stained, tend to run across the grain of the wood, and the exit holes and their characteristic boring dust give the wood a shothole or pinhole appearance.

APOMIXIS Reproduction, of many types, in which a nonsexual process has replaced the sexual process and no fusion of male and female gametes is involved. In many plants, seeds regularly develop from unfertilized egg cells or from specialized generative tissue other 21 APOPHYSIS than egg cells. The resultant plants, termed apomicts, are genetically identical with the mother plant. See also Amphimixis; Automixis; Parthenogenesis. APOPHYSIS The exposed portion of the cone scale of a conifer. APOSEPALOUS Having the sepals free and distinct from one another, the calyx being composed of separate elements.

AMPHIGENOUSS Growing all around or on both sides. AMPHIMIXIS Sexual reproduction. See also Apomixis. 15 AMPHISPORE AMPHISPORE A specially developed urediniospore, with a thicker and occasionally more coloured wall, which acts as a resting or overwintering spore. AMPHITROPOUS Describes an ovule that is curved back along its supporting stalk (funiculus) so that its base and its micropyle are brought near to each other. See also Anatropous. , leaf base, dilated petiole, or stipule). AMPLEXUS In amphibians, the mating embrace by the male on the female.

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