Deictic Conceptualisation of Space, Time and Person by Friedrich Lenz

By Friedrich Lenz

This quantity is a set of articles which current the result of investigations into the grammar, semantics and pragmatics of deictic expressions in different languages. designated emphasis is put on contrastive reports that take cognitive and cultural context under consideration. either the empirical and theoretical reports specialise in the ways that spatial, temporal, own and textual entities are conceptualised and observed. The cognitive procedure proves to be a promising viewpoint combining elements of conception, reasoning and linguistic expression to bare what looks on the very middle of deictics.

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The ªrst contrast is equivalent to the contrast between inside and outside, the second one between speakerand hearer-side regions. His research focuses on personal pronouns in English. Deictics in the conversational dyad This suggests that the primary opposition is not between the egocentric and the nonegocentric but between what we may call the logocentric (speech-oriented, within the deictic bound uniting speaker and addressee) and the exocentric (oriented to the outside world, where the nonparticipant belongs).

Nearer to the woman and they what’s their name? The lettuces. belong to her. BRATOLI CS021 Figure 2. Inside the conversational dyad: in face-to-face conversation objects even close to the hearer are usually referred to by este (see Asenjo Orive 1990) Figure 3. Inside the conversational dyad este is dominant Deictics in the conversational dyad The person-oriented interpretation cannot explain the use shown above (Example 2). Following the person-oriented interpretation, one would expect the speaker to use the second term ese, because the object is close to the hearer.

Berlin: de Gruyter. Non-deictic uses of the deictic motion verbs kommen and gehen in German* Claudio Di Meola University of Rome “La Sapienza” The German motion verbs kommen ‘to come’ and gehen ‘to go’ are generally considered to be deictic verbs describing motion towards an observer and motion away from an observer respectively. The existence of non-deictic uses of these two verbs, however, has received little attention in the literature. 3 In this paper I will try to give a systematic account of the non-deictic uses of the two motion verbs starting from my previous work on kommen and gehen (Di Meola 1993, 1994).

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