Deathstalker 04 - Deathstalker Honor by Simon R. Green

By Simon R. Green

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Something nasty, no doubt," said Hazel. "Knowing Valentine. " "Don't get cocky," said Owen. "Valentine hasn't survived this long by leaving anything to chance. He must have known I'd be coming after him once he set up shop here. " "There's nothing he can throw at us that we can't throw right back at him," said Hazel calmly. "I could have handled those satellites eventually, if you hadn't chickened out. Nothing can harm us anymore, Owen. " "Cocky," said Owen. "Definitely cocky. It'll all end in tears—" He would have said more, but navigation chimed discreetly, alerting him that the Sunstrider II was coming in for a touch down.

There's a fair-sized army surrounding the castle, which according to the comm traffic I'm picking up, Valentine and his associates are currently occupying. Typical. Nothing but the best for dear Valentine. And according to the information we were given before we left Golgotha, which I'll wager good money you haven't even looked at, there's also a hell of a lot of scientific equipment down there, along with scientists to run it. " "Don't get uppity, Oz. " Owen wasn't quite sure where he stood with Oz.

Blue Block had been the Families' secret weapon, a last-ditch defense to be used against the Empress if she ever seriously threatened the Clans' power and status. The youngest sons and daughters of each House were given to Blue Block, trained and conditioned to be loyal to the Families to the death and beyond. Unfortunately, Blue Block turned out to have an agenda of its own. In their hidden schools, faceless and nameless instructors taught the younger sons and daughters, none of whom would have inherited title or wealth anyway, that the Families as a class were far more important than any one House.

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