Dark Brothers of the Light Book V: Blood Paladin by Frank Janrae

By Frank Janrae

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It swirled his black hair, which he had loosed from the confining leather thong. He heard the back door to the longhouse open, and from the solid sound of the steps, knew it had to be Beth emerging. " "Please do," Malthus said, turning toward her. Beth had changed into a pale pink shift that buttoned down the front as far as her navel. The hem brushed her ankles with a soft swish. "What are you thinking of? " Malthus lowered his eyes. "What else would I think of? " "You'll be fine here," Beth said, coming up to him, swaying her large hips in a manner that suggested she found him attractive.

Guardsmyn rushed into the chambers. "Arabella! " Nans stood in the center of the chaos of people rushing about. She heard the singer called Squeaky screaming madly and then her voice abruptly broke off. The dais came crashing and sliding across the room, forcing the Rowdies to leap aside. Arabella, a stout five-foot creature with upper and lower fangs framing her full lips in a determined expression, darted through the room with Squeaky slung over her shoulder. Heavy manacles and a few links of the chains that had held her hung from her wrists.

Several women filled pitchers at the water barrels and carried them back to their houses and sheelings. Malthus could easily identify the sa'necari among them by the spellcords on their wrists with the deadly seals attached – if they tried to remove the cords, the seal would release a fatal spell upon them. He had only been corded once, and that had been by his mother who wished for him to understand the effect and she had released him less than an hour later. Still, looking at the cords made him shudder.

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