Curtiss 75 Hawk by Gerry Beauchamp

By Gerry Beauchamp

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These early, long and late seasons occur notably in areas with outbreaks of tent caterpillars, which feed in huge numbers on many wild rosaceous trees and shrubs. For Greater Roadrunners, breeding varies with temperature and rainfall. In southern California they breed from late February in low elevations of the Lower Sonoran Life Zone, and a month later in the upland deserts of the Upper Sonoran Life Zone. The cooperative behavior of a pair may let them rear more than one brood when insect food is abundant during the short desert season.

Roadrunners often run rather than fly when a predator approaches. The students circled the cactus, one reached in and grabbed the roadrunner. Then we took a few photos, released the bird and watched it run again. Nestlings of many nesting cuckoos (Black-billed and Yellow-billed Cuckoos, roadrunners, coucals) void a foul black liquid from the cloaca when they are disturbed in the nest, and this may repel a predator. Nestling Guira Cuckoos of any age sometimes leap from the nest or branches and escape a predator when they land safely on a lower branch and hide; leapers sometimes die from the fall (R.

Seasonal daylength changes are reliable predictors of environmental conditions such as food and temperature, which affect the ability of birds to rear their young (Murton and Westwood 1977). In the northern temperate New World, brood-parasitic Brownheaded Cowbirds Molothrus ater breed at the same time as their host species. In experiments, the cowbirds respond to seasonal changes in daylength in the same way as their hosts, and in the same way as nesting icterids in the same region (Payne 1969b, 1973b).

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