Culture en interieur Master Edition : La bible du jardinage by Cervantes Jorge

By Cervantes Jorge

544pages. 24x17x3cm. Broché.

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It is true that mukhtafi is an ambiguous word, for it may also mean (quoting Hava’s dictionary al-Fara’id) ‘To make a. th. apparent’, ‘To kill a. o. (in secret)’, and ‘To dig (a well)’, the first and third of which somehow apply to the gravedigger, and the second to the assassin. ’75 He identifies himself as ‘al-Yashkuri’ and departs, while reciting four rajaz lines about himself: 40 FOOLS AND ROGUES IN DISCOURSE AND DISGUISE I’m night’s paternal and maternal cousin: As soon as it is dark, I don its shirt.

227; nights 738–759. ) between being either a rogue or fool. One imagines that many decent people, perhaps after considerable hesitation, would opt for the latter. The temptation for the alternative however, should not be underrated, for the respect inspired by a nasty but clever character could override the shame of affable foolishness; it may be worse to lose one’s face than to risk losing one’s soul. The two types are opposites; both are marginal. Rogues will disguise themselves as good fellows in order to deceive; clever people may disguise themselves as fools, perhaps to earn a living as court jesters, for instance.

All these court fools, the stupid and the pretending ones, the high-born and low-born ones, together with the typical nudama’, drinking companions of the ruler, have in common that they occupy places that may be called marginal, although paradoxically they are active in the most central place of the realm, close to the ruler. In spite of the attempts of the Sassanid king Ardashir and others to incorporate them in a system of classes, tabaqat, they are essentially outside the class system. The typical nadim or buffoon has no official function which would make him part of the hierarchy of the court or that of civil administration.

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