Critical Stability Constants: Inorganic Complexes by Arthur Martell, Robert M. Smith

By Arthur Martell, Robert M. Smith

Over the earlier fifteen years the fee on Equilibrium info of the Analytical department of the I nter­ nationwide Union of natural and utilized Chemistry has been sponsoring a noncritical compilation of steel advanced formation constants and similar equilibrium constants. This paintings used to be wide in scope and ended in the booklet of 2 huge volumes of balance Constants through the Chemical Society (London). the 1st quantity, edited by means of L. G. Si"en (for inorganic ligands) and by means of A. E. Marte" (for natural ligands), was once released in 1964 and coated the literature via 1962. the second one quantity, subtitled complement No.1, edited through L. G. Si"en and E. Hogfeldt (for inorganic ligands) and by means of A. E. Marte" and R. M. Smith (for natural ligands), was once released in 1971 and coated the literature as much as 1969. those huge compilations tried to hide a" papers within the box concerning steel complicated equilibria (heats, entropies, and loose energies). because it was once the coverage of the fee in the course of that interval to prevent judgements about the caliber and reliability of the printed paintings, the compilation might usually include from ten to 20 values for a unmarried equilibrium consistent. in lots of instances the values may range by way of one or maybe orders of significance, hence complex readers who desired to use the knowledge with out doing the large literature examine essential to confirm the right kind worth of the consistent in question.

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7 -2 Bibliography: H+ S6DZa,S8GH,S8SM,62DK,62SG,69A,74AS Ag+ 54Pc,58GH Other references: 33LH,34BG,S8F,60Cb,64A, 64YP,6SSP,6SYR,69NP,71TM II. 72) Bibliography: 48M Other references: 60BC,63SK,660A,700P INORGANIC LIGANDS 21 B. TRANSITION METAL LIGANDS H4Fe(CN)6 Hydrogen hexacyanoferrate (II) C6H4 N6Fe Metal ion H+ Eguilibrium Log K 25°! H 1. 02 Zn Bibliography: H+ 35KT,41NZ,57HH,67HI K+ 37D,57CP,66CL,67EG Mg 2+,Ba 2+ 57CP 2+ Ca 49Ja,74HI La 3+ 58PW Ag+,Zn 2+_Pb 2+ 64RP T1+ 58PW,67MKa Other references: 34R,38PO,41LK,53BG,56TG, 57BLa,57BP,58BS,58DT,59BBD,59BS, 59BSB,60BR,61BS,62BB,62JE,66MD,66NS, 66SNa,68LM,69NS,70Bb II.

L 1. 72 Hg 2 Eg,uilibrium 2+ CH 3Hg Cd 2+ + Log K 20°! 17 Bibliography: 50JMb 3 La + 50JMb,60M,63DK + 2+ Ag ,Hg 2 65R CH 3Hg+ 6588 Cd 2+ 64R88 Other references: 59DT,60A,62AY 3- C. L 3 B30 3 (OH)5/ H. L 2 M. 5 e Bibliography: H+ Ag+ 340,350,430K,44MD,57Ab,62I,63I,67Bb, Other references: OOWC,07L,09L,20K,22M, 73BR,73DH 24PW,27KB,30HK,30HKa,31FA,32BR,34BY, 70HS 38T,49KL,51Sb,53Ea,55L,57Ac,57La, 59D,59Sd,61Sb,61SB,63FU,63Sa,65Se, 66KG,67MN,68GL,72MBS,74BM II. L . L 4 MHL/ML 4 ·H MH 2L/MHL 4 . 1 -S1.

L 5 ML 6 /M. 0; ° 20 0 _l d _3 d _9 d -15 d _22 d _39 d , 0; r 40 0 , 0; E. SSd _6 d _14 d _30 d (IS)? 0; II. 48 Bibliography: H+ 30HO,340a,37P,4lB,49BP,50BL,50BP, 53Sd,54EL,57KD,65PSV,67KZ,68RJ,68VK, 69ES, 72VK, 73CP, 74RO Li+-Ca 2+ 4lB,54W Mn 2+ 72KB Zn 2+ Cd 2+ 4lB,43L,43DV,53SP,57YM,58E,72BPa Hg 2+ Au 3+ 4lB,57YM,62TR,64WD 74SB 4lB,53SPa,57YM,66LM,72BP Other references: 01B,02BF,03E,07K,07L, Co 2+ Ni 2+ 4lB,58YM,66LM 10NK,20LL,24Ka,25B,25W,28J,30K,30RH, 4lB,43DV,57YMa,59Sb,66LM 33AT,33BW,33T,34LS,35BW,36C,36SE,38EW, Cu 2+ 3lB,32B,34B,4lB,44B,44Na,53SPa,57YMa, 40SF,44C,49J,49SB,5lKL,5lS,52Fb,52YG, 58E,59Sc,69ES,73CP 41B,49YP 53LK,53LU,53Ya,54L,54LP,55SG,57TSa, Co 3+ Cu+ 34B 6lML,61Sa,6lWL,62B,64SA,65FK,65MB, Ag+ 00BD,37SBP,4lB,41DS,43VM,44KN,47N, 65RP,66FL,66GC,66Mb,67FH,67HL,67LK, 55Fa,66Ja 68GS,68QM,69BL,70GH,70GHa,70La,70MA, CH 3Hg+ 65SS,74RO T1+ Pd 2+ 4lB 68RJ 58CPC,58L,59Pa,60MT,61F,6lKY,61LP, 7lSS,73LG,73SB,74FS E.

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