Creature Collection 3: Savage Bestiary (Sword & Sorcery) by Scott Holden-Jones

By Scott Holden-Jones

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Awakening later trom a bloody nightmare, Lardanna found her companions viciously murdered, while nearby the little girl chanted a horrid nursery rhyme while skipping rope with the intestines of one of the wizard’s companions. Lardanna fled, and fortunately the daemon did not pursue, leaving her alive to tell her story. Dread child daemons look like human children (usually girls, but occasionally boys) between 6 and 9 years of age; occasionally they resemble children of other humanoid races. There is always something odd or disturbing about them, which most observers don’t notice until it is too late: sometimes it’s a minor physical oddity such as pale ski n, or a n eerie, unblinking gaze, while other times it is merely a vague unease or prickling sensation a t the back of t he neck.

Sight (Ex):Belsameth's watchmen can see in all directions at once, and thus cannot be flanked. Further, they can continually see as if with the spell true seeing. Stalwart (Su):A BeIsameth'swatchman receives a +lo bonus to its spell resistance (increasing its SR to 30) against any spell or effect that would cause it to quit or forgo its duty, such as charm monster, symbol of sleep, teleport other, etc. This does not apply to spells other Belsameth's watchman with a 30% chance of success. Unavoidable Gaze (Ex):Due to the eyes all over a watchman daemon's body, a creature that tries to avoid looking directly at it (such as to avoid its eyebite ability) has only a 20% chance of doing so successfully, rather than the usual 50%.

Tongues (Su): Dread child daemons can speak with any creature t hat has a language, as though using the tongues spell (caster level equals the daemon’s HD). T hi s ability 1s always active. ZO)am12wi~~es+5mdee(ld8+2/18-20) 5 ftJ5 Ft. serrated wings, spell-like abilities, summon daemon Daemon hits, damage reduction lO/good, spell resistance19, telepathy 100ft. , Ref +8,Will +6 Str 19. Dex 16. Con l?. Int 16. Wis 13. ma20 Balance +lo, Bluff +14, Concentration +13, +1O,S”rvlvai+5 Cleave, Dodge, Power Attack Usuallythe Blackest Pit of Bekameth solitary 8 Standard Always neutralevil AdvancementLevdAdjushnmk 7-12 HD (Medium); 13-18 HD (Large) +6 The creamre looks &e an elf wlth unmturdy pale skzn wegaze.

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