Corpus Papyrorum Judaicarum, Volume 2: The Early Roman by Victor A. Tcherikover, Alexander Fuks

By Victor A. Tcherikover, Alexander Fuks

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C. But Oliver pointed out that the use in the papyrus of the term 'laographia' to mean poll-tax does not fit the year 30. , and the whole of the tax-reform was probably inaugurated at about this time (Wallace, Taxation, 1 1 6 ) . C. Yet I cannot follow Oliver and other scholars in their attempt to assign the papyrus to the time of Claudius. Oliver, Bell, Musurillo, and others consider it to be a semi-literary piece, or even a fragment of the Acts of the Alexandrian Martyrs, whereas Schubart, Amusin, and others regard it as an excerpt from an official document of the time of Claudius, closely connected with his letter to the Alexandrians.

Yet it is one thing to conceive oneself a citizen and another to bring legal evidence for one's status when compelled to do so. The oikonomos was probably right in compelling Helenos to pay the poll-tax, and so was the scribe in changing the wording of the document in a way more appropriate to the civic status of his client. The reluctance of Helenos to agree with the new formulation of his status, as now revealed to him by the scribe, resulted in a very confused wording of the petition. Helenos begins by mentioning the citizenship of his father and his own Greek 7ratSet'a, thus giving the evidence for his citizenship, and ends with a reference to the privilege of old men to be free of poll-tax, a privilege quite meaningless for citizens, who were free of poll-tax in any case.

16, 39, 4 7 ; 1 1 0 7 . 1 9 , 2 5 ; 1 1 0 8 . 1 9 , 2 4 ; 1 1 1 1 . 1 2 ; S B 7619. 9; see Wilcken, Arch. i. e. 25. e. the wet-nurse has to give to the owner another child if the one entrusted to her dies; cf. 1058. 25 and 1108. 1 1 sq. On the d d d v a r o s - JEWS IN A L E X A N D R I A I N T H E E A R L Y R O M A N P E R I O D 19 2 clause cf. Mitteis, Chr. no. ; for inscriptional evidence cf. Christophilopoulos, RID A iv, 1950, 297 sqq. 33. ov(iavr)s airwXeia: a manifest loss, to be proved by the nurse; cf.

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