Control into Conjunctive Participle Clauses: The Case of by Youssef A. Haddad

By Youssef A. Haddad

Keep watch over is a relation of co-identity among a reported topic (or item) in a matrix clause and a often unpronounced topic in a subordinate, non-finite clause. the amount investigates Adjunct keep an eye on in Assamese, a South Asian language, in the framework of syntactic thought. whereas ahead keep an eye on is a cross-linguistically universal regulate trend, Assamese additionally permits 3 much less universal forms of keep an eye on constructions: Backward, replica, and Expletive keep watch over. the amount records all 4 forms, analyzes them in the most up-to-date framework of syntactic idea and delineates the theoretical implications.

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This is followed by movement to Spec,vP of the matrix clause, where another theta-role feature is checked. The last move is to Spec,IP. This is where the nominative Case feature is checked. Finally, the derivation is shipped to the interfaces via spell-out. At PF, the lower copies of Sue are deleted for reasons to be specified. Theoretically, the movement approach to control is in line with the grammatical downsizing project of the Minimalist Program. A movement analysis does away with all unnecessary construal processes in Control Theory.

Then if X asymmetrically c-commands Y, x precedes y. (Kayne 1994: 33) Nunes adopts the formulation in (46) and holds that the deletion of the lower copy in (45) takes place in order for the structure to be linearized in accordance with the Linear Correspondence Axiom. As the dotted arrow in (47) illustrates, DP in Spec,IP c-commands the lower DP and thus precedes it. The fact that the lower copy is nondistinct from the copy in Spec,CP means that the man precedes and follows itself, which induces a violation of irreflexivity as formulated in (48).

50) Conditions on Form Chain Two constituents α and β can form the nontrivial chain CH = (α, β) if a. α is nondistinct from β; b. α c-commands β; c. there is at least one feature F of α such that F enters a checking relation with a sublabel of the head of the projection with which α merges and for any such feature F of α, the corresponding feature F of β is accessible to the computational system; and d. there is no constituent γ such that γ has a feature F' that is of the same type as the feature F of α, and γ is closer to α than β is.

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