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See Setting Compressor Preferences for more information. Working with Droplets Droplets provide a fast and convenient way to transcode material without even opening Compressor. You create a Droplet by saving a setting or a group of settings and destinations as an active icon. When you drag one or more source media files to it, the Droplet begins the transcoding process automatically. See Creating a Droplet from the Settings Tab for more information. 38 Chapter 3 The Basic Transcoding Workflow The Compressor Interface 4 The Compressor interface consists of a number of core windows in which you do most of your transcoding preparation work.

See Creating and Changing Destinations for details on how to configure destinations to simplify your Compressor workflow. Inspector Window The Inspector window has easy access to common transcoding controls (for creating and modifying settings and destinations); a full summary table containing all the details of each setting; and information about source media files, including A/V attributes, closed caption data, annotations, and job actions. To open the Inspector window Do one of the following: µ µ Choose Window > Show Inspector (or press Command-Option-I).

62 Chapter 4 The Compressor Interface Batch Monitor You use Batch Monitor to monitor the progress of all transcoding batch activity, including estimates for the transcoding time remaining for all jobs. Batch Monitor is a separate application that can be opened without opening Compressor. For more details on Batch Monitor, see the Batch Monitor User Manual. To open Batch Monitor Do one of the following: µ µ Click the Batch Monitor button in the Batch window toolbar. Double-click the Batch Monitor icon in the Utilities folder.

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