Compact Space 04, Chanur's Homecoming by C. J. Cherryh

By C. J. Cherryh

While these extraterrestrial beings entities referred to as "humans" despatched their first exploration send into Compact house, the conventional energy alliances of the seven Compact races have been catastrophically disrupted. And, giving take care of to Tully, the single surviving human, Pyanfar Chanur and her tom cat hani workforce have been pitched into the guts of a galactic maelstrom, turning into key avid gamers in an influence online game that can reason an intersteller struggle, or deliver the final wish for peace among 8 slightly appropriate alien races.

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Nav query? Those were the two thoughts that hit her brain while her eyes were in motion back to the top of that screen where the program name was listed: they found that PRIORITY ONE code and the Linguistics Path Designator as the implication suddenly hit like a wash of cold water. YN she typed, which was the shortest city name on Anuurn and the standard password for their lightly coded systems: fast keys to hit. Syntax achieved, the screen said. /All? She hit D and P; the screen blinked text up, full of gaps and mangled syntax: it was running a code-cracker set in the assumption it was mahensi, but it was not mahen standard, it was some godsforsaken related language, though the computer was making some sense of it on cognates.

And it will be crisis at Meetpoint, when we all go in there. " She took a second sip. "You told me back at Meetpoint, that one day I'd want revenge on my enemies. Pukkukkta. I had to look that word up. I know now what you offered me. You said at the same time that if I didn't want it then, I'd want it later. That was before I knew my enemy was a bastard of a hani who was out to get me from the start. I'll give you a hani word. Haura. Bloodfeud. Ehrran's got that now, with me, with Chanur, with Geran and Chur Anify; and Haral and Tirun Araun have a grudge or two themselves.

In consideration of an old friendship, kkkt, Keia? But you don't then order Aja Jin, hunter Pyanfar. Nor order this one. " "He'll do what I ask him. " "I have in past. " "Merchants. But Keia professes not to be a merchant at all. I don't think he will trade. " Silence. Long silence. "Stubborn. " Another lap at the cup. '" Sikkukkut's long jaw lifted. It was not a friendly gesture, that shift of the head that stared more nearly nose-on: that was threat, the eyes glittering cold black with the sulfurous highlights of the lighting.

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