Coherence, Truth and Testimony by Ulrich Gähde, Stephan Hartmann

By Ulrich Gähde, Stephan Hartmann

This publication offers a finished knowing of coherence, the talk surrounding it, and its implications around the self-discipline of philosophy. assurance first takes up the hard and arguable job of measuring the coherence of a knowledge set after which criticizes this recreation. The e-book additionally relates this foundational examine to a wide range of epistemological and metaphysical demanding situations.

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An would have if its constituents were statistically independent. Shogenji’s formula thus tells us to which extent the actual probability that the propositions are true together deviates from the probability they would have if they were statistically independent. If the CS-value is greater than 1, the set is coherent; if it is smaller than 1, the statements do not fit together, where 0 means that they are maximally incoherent. Note that all probabilistic measures have to confront the question of whether it is possible to determine the relevant probabilities in a satisfactory way when we are faced with concrete problems.

Since V4 implies :V5 as well as :V6, P(V4 & V5)=P(V4 & V6)=0. Hence, CS(V4, V5) and CS(V4, V6) are also 0, which means that these sets are indistinguishable with respect to coherence because they are both maximally incoherent. More generally, I do not deny that inconsistencies have a negative influence on coherence. It might even be the case that propositions are coherent only if they are consistent (cf. BonJour 1985, p. 95). But this does not entail that contrary propositions make a system incoherent to the maximum.

3 See Shogenji (2005) for a probabilistic analysis of the role of coherence in the dynamic model of confirmation. , Bovens and Olsson, 2000; Bovens and Hartmann, 2003a, b) call the combination of what I call the ‘independence’ and ‘one-dimensionality’ of evidence simply the ‘independence’ of evidence. This is only a matter of different terminology. 5 See Shogenji (2003) on the transitivity of probabilistic support under the condition that the evidence is one-dimensional. 6 For example, by Shogenji’s (1999) measure Cs, and by Olsson’s (2002, p.

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