Cliffsnotes Dracula by PH. D. Samuel J. Umland, Bram Stoker

By PH. D. Samuel J. Umland, Bram Stoker

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This silent film was directed by Tod Browning (who would eventually direct Dracula for Universal). It starred Lon Chaney as Inspector Edmund Burke, alias "Mooney," a fake vampire. The story was based on Browning's own novel, entitled The Hypnotist. London After Midnight may be, in fact, the first full-length American vampire film. Murnau's Nosferatu did not reach the United States until 1929, when it was released as Nosferatu, the Vampire. Curiously, Chaney's make-up is similar, though not identical, to Max Schreck's in Nosferatu.

That evening, all of the men meet to determine the course of action for retrieving the remaining nine boxes. Once again, Jonathan notes that Mina is very tired and pale. Dr. Seward notes again that Renfield is remarkably lucid and, what is more, that Renfield seems to be a literate and learned man. Renfield scoffs at the notion of collecting flies and spiders. Later, however, Renfield reverts to his old ways. That night, Seward orders an attendant to stand guard outside Renfield's cell to note any aberrant behavior.

On the 17th, Jonathan notes in his journal that Van Helsing has secured admittance for the group to board Dracula's ship as soon as it arrives, so that they may more easily carry out the extermination of the vampire. A week later, they receive a telegram from London reporting that the ship was sighted at the Dardanelles. Dr. Seward, therefore, assumes that it will arrive the next day. While waiting, Dr. Seward and Van Helsing are concerned about Mina's lethargy and her general state of weakness.

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