Chemistry: The Core Concepts by Glenn V. Lo, Michael A. Janusa

By Glenn V. Lo, Michael A. Janusa

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By how much did the temperature drop in Kelvin? A. 0K B. 15K C. 15K 28 Chemistry: The Core Concepts CHAPTER Atoms, Ions, and Molecules 3 Chemistry is about understanding the behavior of matter in terms of atoms. Matter is what makes up our universe. Matter is made up of atoms, which are too small to see. 1 Subatomic Particles ▼ An atom is made up of even smaller particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons and neutrons are in the nucleus, a very tiny spot in the middle of an atom. Protons and neutrons are collectively called nucleons.

Protons and neutrons are collectively called nucleons. Electrons are much smaller than protons and neutrons and they are found around the nucleus. Electrons move so fast that it is convenient to imagine electrons as a cloud around the nucleus. An atom is mostly empty space. The typical diameter of a nucleus is 10−14 – 10−13 m, while the diameter of the rest of the atom (the “electron cloud”) is typically around 10−10 m. The diameter of each individual electron is estimated to be less than 10−18 m.

Had we taken the original direction as negative, we would have gotten a positive value for the acceleration. 48 Chemistry: The Core Concepts ▼ Example ▼ True or False. A negative acceleration means that an object is slowing down. Answer: False. It is true only if the original direction of motion is taken as positive. If the original direction of motion is taken as negative, then a negative acceleration means that the velocity is becoming even more negative and the object is speeding up in that direction.

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