Calcul Variationnel by J. Bourguignon [FRENCH]

By J. Bourguignon [FRENCH]

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Les troubles du sommeil

Ce livre fait le aspect sur les différents issues : insomnie, hypersomnie, issues du rythme circadien, parasomnie, après avoir rappelé en détail les facets neurobiologiques et physiologiques du sommeil common chez l'enfant,l'adulte et le sujet âgé et exposé les différentes méthode d'exploration. Enfin, le dernier chapitre fait le lien entre les issues du sommeil et les différentes spécialités médicales : neurologie, cardiologie, pneumologie, pédiatrie, psychiatrie, infectiologie, ORL, rhumatologie, immunologie.

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12 The diversity of her naturalness expresses her links with aIl the cultural forms whose divided, refleded and variegated' beam shines through her. One could also demonstrate how, in the domain of morality, Mme de Staël tries in analogous manner to combine masculine and feminine charaderistics without attenuating their contrasting features. In poli tics, she attempts to reconcile the freedom of republics and the tranquillity of mon1 1 Delphine captivates her audience by dancing a ScoHish reel: 'Never before have grace and beauty produced a more extraordinary impression on such a large assembly; nothing we had seen could give any idea of the chamlS of this foreign dance: it is a quite Asiatic mixture of indolence and vivacity, of melancholy and gaiety.

At a moment wh en the era of nationalisms was beginning, the importance of such a conception was far from negligible. 37 3 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ : a +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Spiridion has a special place in George Sand' s highly diversified oeuvre. Whilst it is now one of the least read of her books, and certainly one of the least accessible, it must be remembered that at the time of Hs publication it confirmed Hs author' s reputation as a mediator or intercessor who transmitted news of major intelledual developments.

Il- was a great satisfaction for those philosophical and poetic men who are capable of study and exaltation, to see aIl the beautiful affectations of the soul being defended with the rigour of the most abstract feeling. Strength of mind cannot be negative, ié cannot consist primarily in what one does not believe or understand, or in what one despises. , chapter 10, 'Of enthusiasm' ; chapter 11, 'Of the influence of enthusiasm on enlightenment'; chapter 12, 'Influence of enthusiasm on happiness'.

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