Building Spring 2 Enterprise Applications by Interface21 , Seth Ladd, Bram Smeets

By Interface21 , Seth Ladd, Bram Smeets

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It uses Spring Web MVC in the web layer and also demonstrates the use of JMX. • ImageDb: This application demonstrates the use of binary large object (BLOB) handling, file upload with Spring Web MVC, and Velocity as a template technology. The sample applications are useful examples that demonstrate popular usage patterns of various features of the Spring Framework. txt file with a motivation for the sample application and a list of the features demonstrated in the sample. Summary In this chapter, you’ve learned about dependency injection, a straightforward mechanism to acquired dependent objects.

You can use both factory methods and factory objects. 23 24 CHAPTER 2 ■ THE CORE CONTAINER Factory Methods To demonstrate the benefits of factory methods, let’s look at an example. Let’s say we want to read a text file line by line. BufferedReader class. txt")))); Things start to become even more inconvenient if we need to create BufferedReader objects in multiple places in our application. txt")); By using a factory method, our code becomes more readable, and we’ve found a convenient way to hide the creation of a complex object.

At the time of this writing, the EJB specifications are all but dead and buried. The new EJB3 specifications have failed to convince application developers. EJB3 has a very limited dependency injection model and does little to bring consistency to your applications. EJB and the Spring Framework are often compared because they promise the same thing: an application deployment model with transparent enterprise service like transaction management, security, messaging, and remote access. The Spring Framework matches all the features of EJB3 and goes much further.

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