Bow & Blade: A Guidebook To Wood Elves (Races of Renown) by Chris Thomassen, Liz Danforth

By Chris Thomassen, Liz Danforth

Arrows fly from the shadows of the timber, blades flash within the twilight, and the wooden elves form the traditional powers of the wooded area to spoil their foes. This toolkit of participant concepts explores each aspect of wooden elf characters, proving that video game mechanics and evocative style can paintings hand in hand within the comparable product. complete participant personality details on wooden elves and 5 new elven subraces. Use the poor secrets and techniques of blood magic, the lethal grace of the speardance, and the opposite leading edge recommendations in Bow & Blade to customise your elf personality. Written via Dragon journal editors Chris Thomasson and Jesse Decker, this Races of Renown sourcebook maintains eco-friendly Ronin's dedication to impressive d20 layout.

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Venomous Blood [General] Your have a natural affinity with venomous creatures, and perhaps a venomous ancestor, giving you toxic blood. Prerequisites: Con 13, Great Fortitude. Benefit: Your blood is venomous. You gain a +2 innate bonus on Fortitude saves against natural poisons. Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +4, caster level 3rd. Benefit: You can alter a spell with a range of touch so that it can be delivered with a melee weapon attack. You make a single attack with the chosen weapon as a free action in the same round that you cast the spell, and if the attack hits it both deals the weapon’s normal damage and imparts the spell’s effects.

Entry Paths Several of the prestige classes in this chapter introduce a new concept: multiple sets of requirements for entry. These different sets of requirements, called entry paths, each lead to the same prestige class through different routes. The class is open to anyone who has completed one of the entry paths. In most cases, completing multiple entry paths offers some small advantages, such as a broader list of class skills or access to additional class abilities. Characters need not complete multiple entry paths before entering the prestige class; they can continue to acquire alternative requirements and gain related benefits even after taking levels in the class.

In addition, maintaining a bardic music ability that requires concentration requires only a move action. Normal: Starting or concentrating on a bardic music ability requires a standard action. 32 Benefit: You gain spell resistance equal to 5 + your character level against all spells cast from the chosen school of magic. Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new school of magic. Sniper [General] Prerequisites: Dex 13, Wis 13, Point Blank Shot.

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