Big cats: facing Britain’s wild predators by Rick Minter

By Rick Minter

The writer takes the reader into the area of huge cats in Britain, delivering an in-depth dialogue of people's responses to having massive cats of their midst, and provides the most concerns concerning the emotive topic of massive cats residing wild in Britatin.


offers the most matters in regards to the emotive topic of massive cats dwelling wild in Britain. An in-depth dialogue of the way humans reply to having colossal cats of their midst. Takes the reader into the realm Read more...

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The Close-uP enCounter The close-up encounter is sometimes from the car, sometimes in front of the cat and right in the open. In this situation the reaction of the person is important to avoid aggravating the cat. These encounters are chances for the Holy Grail photo, but one can appreciate that the witness has other things on their mind: such as trying to stay calm, keeping the cat at length and maybe enjoy the moment if they can. Emily Shiers, as 39 Big Cats – FaCing Britain’s wild Predators below, believes she found herself close to a cat in 2010.

I’ve seen readers complain, fed up with what they take to be too much hype on big cats in the Gloucestershire press: ‘It was a dog or the witness was high,’ said one dismissive commentator on a thread last year. Note that the lists of headlines on page 32 are just from England. Wales and Scotland would provide more. For the media, both national and local, our mystery big cats remain a potboiler, courting controversy and giving scope for shocking headlines. the rumPus on the weB There are researchers and diehards who debate big cats daily through such groups as Big Cats in Britain, but around the web, in specialist 30 Seeing and sensing – the grey evidence groups and in local newspapers, a rash of comment can break out when, following a sighting or query, someone mentions a panther or puma.

Assuming that we should be swamped with good photos shows ignorance of the cats and their propensity to flee when being watched at close quarters, and the capabilities of humans and their cameras. g. g. g. chasing deer, rabbit in mouth, tail visible? Witness experience with wildlife, animals: Witness reaction and emotions: Overall weighting Reliable Probable Possible Uncertain Definitely not 42 Seeing and sensing – the grey evidence One person who did have a camera with them when encountering a big cat, and a cat he was half-ready for, was researcher Chris Johnston.

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