Bearing Design in Machinery: Engineering Tribology and by Roger Beck

By Roger Beck

Emphasizes easy actual options in bearing adoption, association, housing, lubrication, and sealants; exchange bearing forms for particular initiatives; and distinctive recommendations to bearing layout difficulties. Textbook.

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The shaft speed is 1800 RPM. The gearbox is designed to transmit a maximum power of 12 kW. The diameter of the pitch circle of the gear is 5 in. The right-hand-side bearing is supporting the total thrust load. Find the axial and radial load on the right-hand-side bearing and the radial load on the left-side bearing. 1-5 In a gearbox, two helical gears are mounted on a shaft as shown in Fig. 1-1. The helix angle of the two gears is f ¼ 30 , and the pressure angle (PA) is f ¼ 20 . The shaft speed is 3800 RPM.

In addition, the lubricant can be lost due to a leak in the oil system. The risk of a catastrophic failure in hydrodynamic journal bearings is preventing their utilization in important applications where safety is involved, such as in aircraft engines, where rolling-element bearings with limited fatigue life are predominantly used. For low-speed applications and moderate loads, plain sleeve bearings with boundary lubrication can provide reliable long-term service and can be an adequate alternative to rolling-element bearings.

Following limits: Surface velocity limit, V , is 5 m=s. Average surface-pressure limit, P, is 7 MPa. PV limit is 3000 psi-ft=min. 1-3 Find the diameter of the shaft in order not to exceed the stated limits. A bearing is made of Nylon sleeve. Nylon has the following limits as a bearing material: Surface velocity limit, V , is 5 m=s. 9 MPa. PV limit is 3000 psi-ft=min. The shaft is supported by two bearings, as shown in Fig. 1-6. The bearing on the left side is under a radial load Fr ¼ 400 N and an axial load Fa ¼ 200 N .

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