Beam line by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.; United States.

By Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.; United States. Department of Energy

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Since the air pressure increases as the gap between the slider and the disk decreases, the air film works as a spring. Also, air pressure depends on the relative velocity of the slider against the disk in the vertical direction, and the air film also works as a viscous damper. If the spring constant and the damping coefficient of an air film are denoted as K and C, and the spring constant of the support spring is denoted as k, the passive positioning system becomes a 1-degree-of-freedom system, as shown in Fig.

This angular momentum is also a source of the driving force for rotary actuation. This mechanism is generally extended to the rotary actuation based on angular momentum transformation. 1 Usage of Photothermal Conversion Vibration Excitation by Photothermal Stress (Optical Oscillating Sensor) When the thermal effect of optical energy (absorption) is used, optical energy can be converted to mechanical energy. This type of generation of mechanical energy is called photothermal drive. This enables the noncontact drive of a minute object.

Intermittent Positioning in Micro-Optomechatronics 55 Figure 11 Various temporal waveforms of mode-locked pulses as functions of the number of modes (N). Figure 12 Mode-locking schemes. (a) Active mode-locking. (b) Passive modelocking. (c) Hybrid mode-locking. Active Mode-Locking [10–13]. Multisegment laser diodes including a DBR segment for limiting undesirable spectral broadening are generally used for mode-locking (see Fig. 12a). The active mode-locking is achieved by modulating an injection current to the end segment of the multisegment lasers.

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