Are Characteristic X-Rays Polarized by Wollan E. O.

By Wollan E. O.

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Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt 2006. P. 90). Alice Kuzniar also mentions the likelihood of Moritz’s first-hand experience with queer attraction when she suggests that a first-person narrative of homosexual desires published in his Magazin zur Erfahrungsseelenkunde is “conceivably by Moritz himself ” (Alice Kuzniar: Introduction. In: Outing Goethe and His Age. Ed. by Alice Kuzniar. Stanford: Stanford University Press 1996. P. 24). Tobin further proposes that to identify Anton Reiser as a queer figure supports the claim that his author was queer, since the novel is, as I mention, widely considered autobiographical (Pp.

S. 108. Faye Stewart Literature and Loss, Death and Desire: Toward a Vocabulary of Queer Attraction in Karl Philipp Moritz’s Anton Reiser While today’s writers have access to numerous constructions of queer sexual identity, no such notion is available to late eighteenth-century authors. Because there is no place for “queerness” and no means to express it, I propose that another figure of absence, death, comes to stand in for the articulation of queer desires, and it is the link between same-sex desires and representations of dying, death, and the afterlife that my essay investigates.

Im Falle von paratextuellen Momenten, die nicht zum ‘Buch’ selbst gehören, spricht Genette als besondere Form von Paratexten auch vom Epitext. Für die meisten medizinischen Fallgeschichten der genannten Zeit gilt, dass sie Teil von Sammlungen sind. Oft sind diese Kompendien ihrerseits in Rubriken unterteilt, denen wiederum eine allgemeine Beschreibung folgen kann. Und schließlich bilden auch die Indices Paratexte, von denen die Fallgeschichten abhängen und ohne die sie schlechterdings nicht ihrer Bestimmung gemäß lesbar sind.

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