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From morning to nighttime, those superbly illustrated publications invite readers to spend an afternoon with the animals and crops that inhabit the world's so much interesting environments.

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Insulation Material used to keep warmth or cold (or even sound) in one place. Blubber provides insulation from cold. Blubber The thick layer of fat that some animals (like seals) have to protect them from cold. Freezing What happens when water turns into solid ice. Mammal A warm-blooded animal that drinks its mother’s milk when it’s a baby. Breed To produce babies. Burrow A hole in the ground where an animal lives. Lemmings live in burrows. Carcass The dead body of an animal. Colony A group of animals that live together.

45 From dawn to dusk Snowy owl Here ar he e some of t Raven es r u t a cre Arctic wolf Reindeer Arctic hare Arctic fox Ptarmigans Polar bear Wolverine Glossary Here are the meanings of some of the important words you will come across as you read about the Arctic and the animals that live there. Baleen The long fringe made of keratin (like fingernails) that some whales have in their mouths to filter plankton from the water. Den A safe resting place dug out of ground or snow by a wild, usually predatory, animal.

Traveling tails Arctic deer (like this caribou) use their hooves and snouts to get at grasses and lichens under the crusty snow. An Arctic deer’s hooves help it to paddle in water and walk on snow. These caribou are crossing a river on the route of their fall migration. Both caribou and reindeer migrate huge distances (up to 600 miles/1,000 km), but reindeer like these are usually accompanied by native human herders. 35 8:00 pm To us, the Arctic seems a Survival of the fiercest Jaegers are large, aggressive seabirds that eat small mammals, fish, and other birds.

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