Animals in Space: From Research Rockets to the Space Shuttle by Colin Burgess, Chris Dubbs,

By Colin Burgess, Chris Dubbs,

Many readers will without doubt be astonished to profit that animals have been being fired aloft in U.S. and Soviet examine rockets within the overdue Nineteen Forties. in truth most folk not just think that the Russian house puppy Laika was once the 1st canines to be embarked on house, but in addition that the high-profile, precursory Mercury flights of chimps Ham and Enos have been the single primate flights performed through the us. in reality, either nations had despatched actually dozens of animals aloft for a few years sooner than those occasions and persevered to take action for a few years after. different latter-day house international locations, corresponding to France and China, may additionally start to use animals of their personal area learn. Animals in house will clarify why canine, primates, mice and different rodents have been selected and proven, at a time while devoted scientists from either house international locations have been decided to set up the survivability of human matters on either ballistic and orbital area flights. it is going to additionally recount the way in which this occurred; the secrecy concerned and the tools hired, and supply an aim research of ways the function of animals as spaceflight attempt topics not just developed, yet to that end replaced through the years in keeping with a public outcry led through animal activists. it is going to discover the ways that animal high-altitude and area flight learn impacted on house flight biomedicine and expertise, and the way the implications - either profitable and disappointing - allowed humans to then adopt that very same harmful trip with some distance higher knowing and self belief. This ebook is meant as an in depth but hugely readable and balanced account of the background of animal area flights, and the ensuing program of hard-won study to house know-how and astrobiology.  it is going to absolutely develop into the final word authority on animal area flights.

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AMC AMFL AMRL AP ARDC ARPA ASCS ASPCA BEM BIOCORE BION BIOS BOSS BOTEX BRIC BTS CAAHS Aggregate-1 or Prototype-1 Aquatic Animal Experiment Unit Army Ballistic Missile Agency Animal Enclosure Module Air Force Base International Geophysical Year (French) Acquired Immune De®ciency Syndrome Australian International Space School Also Known As Amphenol Micro Coaxial AeroMedical Field Laboratory AeroMedical Research Laboratory; Army Medical Research Laboratory Advanced Projects (Lockheed's Advanced Development Projects Unit ± known also as the ``Skunk Works'') Air Research and Development Command Advanced Research Projects Agency Automatic Stabilisation and Control System American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Bee Enclosure Module BIOlogical COsmic Ray Experiment BIOlogical Investigations of Space (Project) BIOlogical Satellite Bioastronautics Orbital Space System BOTany EXperiment Biological Research in Canisters BioTelemetry System Chongqing Academy of Animal Husbandry Science xxxviii Abbreviations and acronyms CalTech CAS CASC CASI CCCC CEBA CEBAS CERMA CIA CIEES CIS CNES Convair CPE DEFA DVM ECG ECS EKG ESA EST EVA FOE FOEP FSW GDR HIV HZE IAF IAM IASM IBMP ICBM IEPT IGY IKI IML-2 IRBM IRE JATO California Institute of Technology China Academy of Sciences China Aerospace Science and Technical Consortium Center for Aerospace Information (NASA) Center for Captive Chimpanzees Care Centre d'Etudes de Biologie (Centre for Biological Studies) Closed Equilibrated Biological Aquatic System Centre d'Enseignement et de Recherches de MeÂdecine AeÂronautique (Research and Studies Centre of Aerospace Medicine) Central Intelligence Agency Centre InterarmeÂes d'Essais d'Engins SpeÂciaux (Inter-arms Special Weapons Test Centre) Commonwealth of Independent States Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (French National Space Agency) Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation Circadian Periodicity Experiment Direction des Etudes et Fabrications d'ArmeÂs (French Directorate of Armaments) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Electrocardiogram (also known as EKG) Environmental Control System See ECG European Space Agency Eastern Standard Time Extra-Vehicular Activity (spacewalks) Frog Otolith Experiment Frog Otolith Experiment Package Fanhui Shei Weixing German Democratic Republic Human Immunode®ciency Virus High-ioniZing high-Energy particles International Astronautical Federation Institute of Aviation Medicine Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine Institute of Biomedical Problems InterContinental Ballistic Missile Institute of Experimental Pathology and Toxicology International Geophysical Year Institute of Space Research Second International Microgravity Laboratory Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Institute of Radiotechnology and Electronics Jet Assisted Take-O€ Abbreviations and acronyms xxxix JSC JSLC KH KSC LSD MHz MIA Mirak-1 MR-BD MSFC NACA NAS NASA NIH NPIC OART OFO OKB PARE-1 PETA PSE RAE RAF RAHF RASKO SAA SAM SARAH SLS-1 SMPAA SPAF SPOG SPURT SRV STARS STG STS TBS TCF Johnson Space Center Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre KEYHOLE Kennedy Space Center Dock Landing Ship Megahertz Mouse In Able (Project) Minimum Rocket-1 Mercury±Redstone Booster Development Marshall Space Flight Center National Advisory Committee for Astronautics; National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Naval Air Station National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Institutes of Health National Photographic Interpretation Center (pronounced as ``en-pick'') Oce of Advanced Research and Technology Orbiting Frog Otolith Opytnoe Konstructorskoe Byuro (Experimental Design Bureau) Physiological and Anatomical Rodent Experiment 1 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Physiological Systems Experiment Royal Aircraft Establishment Royal Air Force Research Animal Holding Facility Raketa Stucznej Kondenzacii (Experimental Science Rocket) South Atlantic Anomaly School of Aviation Medicine; Sally, Amy and Moe (three black mice) Search And Rescue And Homing (Beacon) Spacelab Life Sciences 1 Section Medico-Physiologique de l'ArmeÂe de l'Air (MedicoPhysiological Section of the [French] Air Force) Single Pass Auxiliary Fan Special Projectile Operations Group Small Primate UnRestrained Test Satellite Recovery Vehicle Space Technology and Research Students Space Task Group Shuttle Transportation System; Space Transportation System Tokyo Broadcasting Service The Coulston Foundation xl Abbreviations and acronyms UFO USAAF USAF USC USDA USSR USSTAF V-2 Veronique VFEU VfR VHF WAC WD-40 WSPG ZIB Unidenti®ed Flying Object United States Army Air Force United States Air Force University of Southern California United States Department of Agriculture Union of Soviet Socialist Republics United States Strategic Air Forces (Europe) Vergeltungswa€e 2 (Retaliation Weapon 2); at ®rst, this stood for Versuchmuster 2 (Prototype 2) VERnon electrONIQUE Vestibular Function Experimental Unit Verein fuÈr Raumschi€ahrt Very High Frequency Without Any Control Water Displacement formula 40 White Sands Proving Ground Russian acronym for ``substitute for missing dog Bobik'' Also by Colin Burgess in this series NASA's Scientist-Astronauts (2006), ISBN 10: 0-387-21897-1 Prologue Remarkably, in his classic 1865 book From the Earth to the Moon, French science®ction writer Jules Verne told of a lunar trip successfully undertaken by three men.

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