Animals. A golden exploring earth book by George S Fichter

By George S Fichter

В книге содержится информация о млекопитающих со всего мира - огромные киты, летающие ночью летучие мыши, медведи, тигры, слоны, обезьяны и более two hundred других животных.

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This gaseous protec­ tive device is best developed in the skunks, which can actually fire their spray, with accuracy, ten feet or more. A direct hit can blind an attacker, and the odor of a release may carry for a quarter of a mile. Still other members of the weasel family are the civets, genets, and mon­ gooses. The gray mongoose is known for its fearless attacks on cobras. It agitates the deadly snake to strike and then dodges. As the cobra's head strikes the ground, the mongoose moves in quickly to grab the reptile by the head and kill it.

Unable to separate, they have died of starvation, leaving their locked horns to tell the tale of the tragedy. The smaller caribou, or reindeer, lives farther north than any other hoofed mam­ mal except the musk-ox. Herds of caribou range over the treeless Arctic tundra, where they feed mainly on reindeer moss. In the winter, this source of food is hidden under the snow. The caribou then mi­ grate southward into the timbered area, where it is easier to find food. 44 Pronghorns of the American West are Pronghorn sometimes referred to as antelopes, but they are not really close relatives.

Nearly as large as the moose is the elk, or wapiti. found today only in wil­ Largest of all the hoofed mammals in derness areas. The rounded, sharp-tined the northern h emisphere is the moose, a antlers of the male are magnificent. As member of the deer family. A bull moose in other members of the deer family, weighs nearly 1 ,500 pounds, and its broad, they are solid bony growths that are shed fiat antlers may have a spread of nearly once a year-usually in early spring. About six feet. A big moose has only one serious two weeks after they are lost, a new set enemy-man.

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