Ancient Narrative: Supplementum 1 Space in the Ancient Novel by Michael Paschalis; Stavros Frangoulidis (ed.)

By Michael Paschalis; Stavros Frangoulidis (ed.)

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The poem sharply condemns Rome for the popularity of inconsequential literary forms and for the fact that Persius’ biting and harsh satire has no place there. He closes with a sneer of contempt: ‘his mane edictum, post prandium Callirhoen do’ (To these men I leave the morning’s magistrate’s decree [announcing upcoming entertainments], and Callirhoe after lunch, 1,134). Perhaps this bare reference cannot be definitive proof for an early date for Chariton. But just suppose this is Chariton’s Callirhoe being read after lunch at Rome:28 what did Persius hate about it?

5,57-63). The only known ancient biography of Dionysius (now lost) paired him with Domitian: see Caven 1990, 1, citing Photius cod. 131. 18 CATHE RI NE CONNORS Augustus’ Syracuse It remains to ask how this might reflect Chariton’s own historical situation. As a Latinist, I can’t help noticing that Chariton’s optimistic rewriting of the stories of Dionysius I as a bad tyrant parallels Augustus’ own process of controlling the script of his rise to power, doing everything he could to dissociate himself from the paradigms of tyranny and monarchy while actually gathering sole power unto himself and his successors.

P. 1996. ‘Chariton’, in: G. Schmeling, ed. The Novel in the Ancient World, Leiden: Brill, 309-335. Reynolds, J. M. 1982. Aphrodisias and Rome, Journal of Roman Studies Monographs 1, London: Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies. Rochette, B. 1997. Le latin dans le monde grec: Recherches sur la diffusion de la langue et des lettres latines dans les provinces hellénophones de l’ Empire romain, Bruxelles: Collection Latomus 233. Ruiz-Montero, C. 1989. ‘Caritón de Afrodisias y el mundo real’, in: P.

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