Ancient Egypt by Patricia Netzley

By Patricia Netzley

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For example, the Egyptians sometimes hunted with dogs, although they kept these animals as pets as well. Egyptologists disagree on when horses were first introduced into ancient Egypt, but the earliest artwork they have found depicting the horse in battle dates from the Eighteenth Dynasty. By this time, however, horses were already being bred in great numbers, and most of them were 45 descended from animals captured in foreign wars. King Amenhotep II of the Eighteenth Dynasty was the first king to grow up with horses, and as an adult he became one of Egypt’s most knowledgeable horse breeders, also expanding the animals’ use in warfare.

As a result, Ankhesenpaaten became Ankhesenamun. C. During this time, she apparently gave birth prematurely to two girls; neither survived, and their mummified bodies were placed in King Tutankhamun’s tomb. After Tutankhamun’s death, Ankhesenamun was forced to marry Ay, who then became king even though he was a commoner. Ankhesenamun had tried to avoid this by sending a desperate message to Suppiluliumas, the king of the Hittites, begging him to send one of his sons to become her husband. The Hittite king responded by sending Prince Zennanza, but when the young man reached Egypt’s border he was killed, probably on orders of General Horemheb.

Amenemhet’s Instructions (The Instructions of King Amenemhet I; Testament of Amenemhet) Amenemhet’s Instructions is a Twelfth Dynasty literary text of approximately eighty-eight lines of verse addressed to Senwosret I, the son and heir of King AMENEMHET’S INSTRUCTIONS Amenemhet I. The authorship of this work is a matter of controversy. Some Egyptologists believe that King Amenemhet I wrote Amenemhet’s Instructions as a last will and testament, while others believe that some as yet unidentified person in court wrote the verse to commemorate the king after his death and perhaps guide Senwosret I in his new role as king.

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